Getting to know our shortlist: Gerry Linford

As we move closer to announcing the 2017 winner of the Liverpool Hope Playwriting Prize on March 27th, find out more about our top 6…


Writer: Gerry Linford, Ellesmere Port

Play: A Prayer to Saint Cajetan

1978. Liverpool. An eccentric priest teams up with an unemployed man to place a series of outlandish bets on the World Cup taking place in Argentina. When Father Tony Aherne turns up at the Duffy house in the summer of 1978 nobody, least of all lapsed Catholic Terry, can anticipate the chaos and magic which his arrival will bring. As the money stacks up, this unlikely duo are faced with life changing decisions.

Gerry is a lecturer in Screenwriting at the University of Central Lancashire. A Prayer to Saint Cajetan is the first play that Gerry has written, although he has written films including Buddha Boy for BBC Wales, and What’s The Story in which he also starred alongside Darren Day.

Gerry said: “A Prayer to Saint Cajetan is inspired by actual events from my childhood – although obviously I used creative license to develop the story seeds into something much bigger. I was motivated to enter the competition after seeing a poster in a coffee shop in Liverpool last year.
“I’d been kicking the story around with a view to a screenplay but thought it lent itself very well to the stage. When I heard I was shortlisted, I was absolutely thrilled. I love theatre in Liverpool and it would be a dream come true to see my work come alive there.”

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